Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Drawing the Kaaba

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Step one - Draw a line across the bottom half of your paper. This your horizon line. It separates the foreground from the background.

Step Two - Draw a square making sure that most of the shape is above the horizon line. Step Three -Draw another square behind square number one, making sure that it finished below the horizon line and a little to the side.

Step four - Now join the two squares by drawing straight lines (red lines) from the four corners.Step Five -Draw four more straight lines (red lines). Two on the square number one and two on the side facing you in a slight angle.
Step six - To add the background, start by adding two horizontal lines (green lines) and drawing the tower.
Step seven - Next to draw the arches, draw some vertical lines (green lines).
Step eight - To complete the arches draw some slightly curved lines ( blue lines)
Step nine -You are ready to color. Color square number one with black leaving the space between the two red lines blank. Color the top space in a light brown or any other light color. Color the side in a medium grey. Color the band around the Kaaba in yellow.

Step ten - Add in the color for the sky. There is no need to add any cloud since this is the desert sky and it does not need clouds. You can add a little if you like. Add the color for the sand. It can range from light brown to ochre and with a little texture can really look nice. You can continue to add as much details as you like. Arabic can be added to the yellow band too. Have fun!!!


Kitty said...

it looks so beautiful, now i know how to draw a kaaba


Peter Jones said...

Thanks for the information and links you shared this is so should be a useful and quite informative!
Holy Quran Khana Kaba

Muhammad Abdullah said...

thanks alot